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45.1 | Spring 2012 British Columbia History

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The Spring 2012 issue of British Columbia History celebrates 90 years of the British Columbia Historical Federation. It is a best of issue featuring a reprint of some articles from the past: The Pioneer Press of British Columbia by John Forsyth (1923); Billy Barker of Barkerville by Louis Le Bourdais (1937); Frederic William Howay: An Intimate Portrait by Noel Robinson (1944); Some Early Historians of Britis Columbia by Walter N. Sage (1958); The Banning of a Book in BC by Charles Humphries (1968); A Persistent University Protagonist by R.J. (Ron) Welwood (1989). Also Archives & Archivists: Building the Best of the Digital Past by Courtney C. Mumma; book reviews and the story of the BCHF “Birdcages” gavel.

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