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49.4 | Winter 2016 British Columbia History

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The Winter 2016 issue of British Columbia History features In this issue “Young Women Trained to Defend the Home Front” by Elinor Florence; “A Petticoat Army” by Sidney Allinson; “When Vancouver Sang a Different Song by Forrest D. Pass; “Jimmy “Scotty” Neill: Master of the Comic Song by Jennifer Iredale; “Captain Cavendish Venables” by Marie Elliott; “Emma Bentall Brown: Eclectic Spirit” by Marian K. Brown; and “Gastown Memories: Discovered in an old steamer trunk”by Barbara Ann Lambert. Readers may also enjoy “Archives and Archivists: Oak Bay Archives” by Caroline Duncan; edited by Sylvia Stopforth; “Cabinets of Curiosities: Tea and Treasures” by Catherine Magee, and BC Books with K. Jane Watt.

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