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52.2 | Summer 2019 British Columbia History

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The Summer 2019 issue of British Columbia History features “Conflicts with The Law: Mennonites, Hutterites, and Doukhobors” by Vern Giesbrecht; “The Origins of a Highway: the Malahat” by John MacFarlane; “The Adventures of Captain Jemmy Jones” by Parker Williams; “Seeing BC’s Past Through the Eyes of an Artist” by Janet Nicol; “Tyhee Conomody, Atkiso, and Kwikwetlem First Nations” by T.J. Williams; and “Henry Houston Scott Heritage Park” compiled by K. Jane Watt. Readers may also enjoy “Time Travels: Telling Our Stories” by Mark Forsythe profiling two museums in Lytton; “Archives & Archivists: The Vancouver Art Gallery Archives” by Jane Devine Mejia and edited by Sylvia Stopforth; “Cabinets of Curiosities: Sunnyside Meats” by Susan Safyan and Ted North; and “BC Bookshelf” with Aimee Greenaway.

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