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51.4 | Winter 2018 British Columbia History

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The Winter 2018 issue of British Columbia History features “Craigdarroch Military Hospital: A Canadian War Story” by Bruce Davies; “The First Post Office in Dease Lake” by Heinz Drews, as told to Elinor Florence; “Japanese-Canadian Crusader Mary Keiko Kitagawa appointed to Order of BC” by Henry Yu; “The Other Billie” by Heloise Dixon-Warren; and “State of First Nations Languages in BC, 2018”. Readers may also enjoy “Time Travels: Telling Our Stories” by Mark Forsythe profiling the Comox Air Force Museum; “Archives & Archivists: Digitized Okanagan History: Creating a Virtual Regional Repository” by Paige Hohmann and Chris Hives and edited by Sylvia Stopforth; “Cabinets of Curiosities: Truly A Royal Coach” by Janette Glover-Geidt; and “BC Bookshelf” with Aimee Greenaway. Print only

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